Growing gourmet and medical mushrooms

Paul Stamets. Growing gourmet and medical mushrooms. - Ten Speed Press, 2000


1. Mushrooms, Civilization and History

2. The Role of Mushrooms in Nature

3.Selecting a Candidate for Cultivation

4. Natural Culture: Creating Mycological Landscapes

5. The Stametsian Model: Permaculture with a Mycological Twist

6. Materials fo rFormulating a Fruiting Substrate

7. Biological Efficiency: An Expression of Yield

8. Home-made vs. Commercial Spawn

9. The Mushroom Life Cycle

10. The Six Vectors of Contamination

11. Mind and Methods for Mushroom Culture

12. Culturing Mushroom Mycelium on Agar Media

13. The Stock Culture Library: A Genetic Bank of Mushroom Strains

14. Evaluating a Mushroom Strain

15. Generating Grain Spawn

16. Creating Sawdust Spawn

17. Growing Gourmet Mushrooms on Enriched Sawdust

18. Cultivating Gourmet Mushrooms on Agricultural Waste Products

19. Cropping Containers

20. Casing: A Topsoil Promoting Mushroom Formation

21. Growth Parameters for Gourmet and Medicinal Mushroom Species

Spawn Run: Colonizing the Substrate

Primordia Formation: The Initiation Strategy

Fruitbody (Mushroom) Development

The Gilled Mushrooms

The Polypore Mushrooms of the Genera Ganoderma, Grifola and Polyporus

The Lion’s Mane of the Genus Hericium

The Wood Ears of the Genus Auricularia

The Morels: Land-Fish Mushrooms of the Genus Morchella

The Morel Life Cycle

22. Maximizing the Substrate’s Potential through Species Sequencing

23. Harvesting, Storing, and Packaging the Crop for Market

24. Mushroom Recipes: Enjoying the Fruits of Your Labors

25. Cultivation problems & Their Solutions: A Troubleshoting guide


I. Description of Environment for a Mushroom Farm

II. Designing and Building A Spawn Laboratory

III. The Growing Room: An Environment for Mushroom Formation & Development

IV. Resource Directory

V. Analyses of Basic Materials Used in Substrate Preparation

VI. Data Conversion Tables




This book should help advance the cause of mycology, and mushroom biology worldwide. It will
be an important reference for those who are interested in research as well as in the cultivation of mushrooms. Growing Gourmet & MedicinaiMushrooms is unique not only in its treatment of the technical
aspects of growing gourmet and medicinal mushrooms, but also in its emphasis on the environmental importance of mushrooms in terms of world biological diversity.
S. T. Chang, PhD, Dept. of Biology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Growing Gourmet & Medicinal Mushrooms is an extremely informative text on all aspects of the
mushroom growing industry and provides us with the expertise of the author who has been cultivating mushrooms for over 20 years. This book adds to the extensive knowledge of the author's previous
book, The Mushroom Cultivator, and thus will undoubtedly become a standard for those who would
like to enter this field. It is written clearly, organized efficiently, and exhibits the love and enjoyment
the author has for his chosen profession. It is a welcome addition to mycology in general.
David Largent, Ph.D, Humboldt State University, CA.

For both the commercial grower and the amateur, Growing Gourmet & Medicinal Mushrooms is
a very complete approach to the subject and I highly recommend it.
Orson K. Miller, Jr., Ph.D, Biology Dept., Virginia State University, VA.

This book, a true labor of love, makes a major contribution to our knowledge of the practical production of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms.
Dan Royse, Ph.D, Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences, University Park, PA.

This book should be on the library shelves of everyone interested in the cultivation of fleshy fungi.
It is a mine of information and will be a source book for a good long time.
Roy Watling, Ph.D, Senior Principal Scientific Officer, Royal Botanic Garden,
Edinburgh, U. K.

Pick up this book and prepare to be swept away into the world of mushroom cultivation on the
tide of Paul's contagious enthusiasm. He presents a wealth of ideas and detailed instructions for the
cultivation of mushrooms in a book that is destined to join the ranks of mycological classics. Doers
and dreamers, students and teachers will all find something to enjoy in this book.
Nancy Smith Weber, Ph.D, Forest Sciences Dept., Oregon State University, OR.

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