Журнал Природа, 2005г. №9

Журнал Природа, 2005г. №9

№9 • (1081) • SEPTEMBER • 2005




To 40th Anniversary of Space Research
Institute (IKI) RAS
Yermolaev Yu.I., Zelenyi L.M.

«Wind, Wind, You Are Mighty...»
Solar Wind and Space Weather (4)
We o f t e n h e a r a b o u t e x p e c t e d g e o m a g n e t i c d i s t u r !
bances in weather prediction reports. How influence is
transmited from the Sun to the Earth by solar wind and
how precise these forecasts can be? Answers just to
these questions have been of primary interest of space
plasma department of IKI.



Where Carbon Dioxid Is Disappearing? (63). Ship Worm in
Baltic Sea (63). Meteorite Field in Libyan Desert (63). Space
Telescope Will Be Even More Powerful (63). Scientific and
Political «Breakthrough» in a Desert (64). «Reforge Torpe
doBoat into Corals» (64).


Aleshin V.V., Myilnikov A.P., Petrov N.B.

Philogenetic Tree of Rhizopoda
Scientific Communications


Panova T.D.

Pavlinsky M.N., Vikhlinin A.A.,
Revnivtsev M.G., Aref’ev V.A.

Aleksandrovskyi Garden Grotto,
Archeology and... Toadstools

XJRay Lighthouses of Universe
High Energy Astrophysics (15)

Basov I.A.

Gasohydrates in Sediments
of Continental Edge
204th Expedition of «JOIDES Resolution» (75)

A fleet of space X!ray and gamma!ray observatories
provides information on different phenomena in the
Universe, ranging from electron!positron annigilations
to supernovae explosions.

Moroz V.I., Korablev O.I., Rodin A.B.

New Mars Explorations
and Comparative Planetology (25)
Recent advances in Mars explorations gave impetus to
development of comparative planetology — a science on
general mechanisms of formation and evolution of

Mitrofanov I.G.

Water Explorations on Mars (34)
For the first time in practice of space explorations the
method of neutron spectroscopy was used in Russian
scientific instrument mounted at American space probe
for finding water in near!surface layer of Mars.


Scientific News

In Search of Dark Matter (77). XRay Radiation of Proto
star. Vibe D.Z. (77). When There Still Were Rains at Mars
(78). Project «Double Star» (79). Manganite Nanotubes
(79). Fish Diversity as a Memory about Disappeared Lake.
Ghilyarov A.M. (80). 100km Passage for Food Is Not a
Big Detour for Least Auk. (81). Smell in Birds of Order
Procellariformes (81). Standing in a Queue for Reproduc
t i o n ( 8 2 ) . H o w C h i m p a n z e e Wa g e Wa r ( 8 2 ) . P l a s t i c s
Pollute the Ocean (83). Japan and China Explore Ocean
Bed (83). Brazilian Forests Are Endangered (83). Paleo
climate of New Zealand (84). Archaeopteryx Fled Like
Chicken? (84). Antarctic Dinosaurs (85). News from
Stonehendge (85).
In Brief (62)

Bartalev S.A., Lupyan E.A.

Satellite Monitoring
of Boreal Ecosystems (44)
Modern satellite instruments and methods of remote
probing data analysis give estimates of vegetative cover
characteristics needed to study changes of climat and

Book Reviews


Surdin V.G.

On Science — Simply and Briefly


New Books

Breus T.K., Rapoport S.I.

Revival of Heliobiology (54)
Up to now there is convincing evidence of influence of
extremly weak variable electromagnetic fields on bio!
logical systems. But consensus of opinion on mechanism
of this influence have not emerged yet.

Encounters with Forgotten


Filina L.A.

«People Peered into Dark Blue Skyes
and Dreamt...»