Каталог нательных христианских крестов, подвесок и накладок с изображением креста периода Киевской Руси X-XIIIв

Кайль В. А., Нечитайло В. В. Каталог нательных христианских крестов, подвесок и накладок с изображением креста периода Киевской Руси X-XIIIв. — Луганск, 2006



Кресты золотые

Кресты серебрянные

Кресты каменные

Кресты с эмалью

Кресты изготовленные из бронзы, оловянистой бронзы и свинцово-оловянистого сплава

Накладные, нашивные кресты и украшения с крестами



Body pendants depicting crosses are also divided into subcategories.
-Lunnitsas with Crosses, i.e. the cross is depicted on the lunnitsa
-Cross in the Circle, i. e. the crosses of different kinds are depicted in the circle
of the pendant
- Cross in a Medallion, i.e. the cross is depicted on the flat surface of
the medallion.
The ancient symbol of the Moon as female origin of the Universe is understood like
an emblem of the Virgin in Christianity. It's also understood as a source where
church gets the spirit of Christ, as a cradle where the Son of God sleeps. The cross in
the semicircle also symbolizes the anchor of rescue, the anchor of our hope, the
anchor of calming in the Kingdom of Heaven... (Father Superior Trifonov-Peschrsky
monastery Aristech).
Cross in the circle: such a combination is a symbol of Christ the Sun of Truth, the
source of Divine Light, of the meaning of the circle, as a symbol of beginningless,
meaning the Creator of the World and the universal sphere, consecrated with the
cross the symbol of the expiated sacrifice of Christ.
In the catalogues there are sizes, short descriptions of the obverse and reverse sides,
and also recommended prices of the items. The price is appointed for the items of
good to excellent states. Evaluation of items in excellent state or the ones which had
been damaged badly significantly differs from the one recommended.
Rarity of the item can be distinguished with the help of the following table.
-U - a unique artifact, i.e. one specimen known and manufactured;
-R 8 1-2 specimens known;
-R7 3-5 specimens known;
-R 6 5-10 specimens known;
-R 5 10-20 specimens known;
-R 4 20-35 specimens known;
-R 3 35-50 specimens known;
-R 2 50-70 specimens known;
-Rl 70-100 specimens known;
If the rarity rating isn't provided it means that there are more than 100 specimens
of this item.
The crosses and pendants, provided in this catalogue were manufactured mainly in
the city of Kyiv. Insignificant part of the specimens were manufactured in Chernigov,
Pereyaslav, Novgorod, Korsun. Only stone and tin crosses make an exception.
* The authors did not make an objective to show the multiple levels of the Cross
symbolism outside the Christian tradition and in early Christianity, because the
materials collected in the catalogue refer to the canonic orthodoxy (see U. A. Fedorov
"The Image of Christ")
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