Stephen bar Sudaili, the Syrian mystic, and the book of Hierotheos

Frothingham F. Stephen bar Sudaili, the Syrian mystic, and the book of Hierotheos. -1886

94 a confused sense of their placed). And I openly say, with
entire frankness, that they were Tohu and Bohu1). After innumerable ages had passed, the Good was moved
to pour forth its love, and to brood over these unconscious
minds, in order that they should acquire the motion of life
and consciousness; then there was born in them a new heart
and a new spirit to know good and evil1 2 2 3): that is, it (the
Good) endowed them with free-will, and then established
the position of each essence according to the measure of its
love. It also made Christ head and ruler over them, and
this took place when the mind received reason *). To some Kabbalism in Hierotheos. According to the Zohar, the En-Soph or an¬
cient of ancients, before it had pat on a form, — before the manifes¬
tation of the Sephiroth, — produced formless worlds which were emit¬
ted from it like sparks. These coaid not subsist bat felly because the
Adam Kadmon (as individualizing the 10 Sephiroth), which was to me¬
diate between the creation and the En-Soph, had not yet been created.
These worlds fell and were little above nothing, representing passive exist¬
ence and the feminine principle, where all is resistance and inertia, as
in matter (Tohu and Bohu). When the universal form of man (Adam
Kadmon the mediator) was established, these ancient fallen worlds fur¬
nished the material element in the existing created universe (see Franck,
La Kabbale, pp. 206, 207 and passim). This resistant passive principle
is individualized in Hierotheos by the unredeemable and irrational in¬
sensible essence (see page 104). 1) '-sai e^oenuLaX s—a Cbii> ^ ooiSa rtlaitxo K&x KiiAiSii .a rtdiau\jb« iaA : rdX.1 >a:i5nl • Kh® fiascorA-sa %.i isoKb • ^iLp (?) . COCO ^OCOaAuK' CO090 COO&til . 2) fi_9&ir*’ 'A.'WCO : kAv^-.-uio r^JLu.i rtL^.o\ ^0,1 n-ia : Kiubao *^:i9qL Klnoio Klai ^ocoa 3) At.vax. ^ooAsk kIli KUuiaoi ^ ciA VtLlOCO Aao C09.1 .aOcb Vtll9V9 fOCD <03 • • • •