Stephen bar Sudaili, the Syrian mystic, and the book of Hierotheos

Frothingham F. Stephen bar Sudaili, the Syrian mystic, and the book of Hierotheos. -1886

56 YI. BIOGRAPHY OF BAR SUDAILI. The biographical information concerning Bar Sudaili at our
disposal is very meagre. Philoxenos tells us that he was a
native of Edessa and a or scribe, and Jacob of Sarug shows him to have been a monk of considerable repute for
sanctity and good works; in fact, the terms of praise which
he bestows on Bar Sudaili indicate that, until then, the latter
enjoyed the favor of the Monophysite party, though already
he had not only begun to show his anti-christian sentiments
more openly, but was also cherishing ambitious aims. In all
probability Bar Sudaili passed a portion of his early career
in Egypt, for Philoxenos mentions his having followed for
some time the leadership of John the Egyptian. If his iden¬
tity with Pseudo-Hierotheos be granted, there would be some
interesting traces of this early part of his life. Three dog¬
matic extracts passing under the name of Hierotheos are
preserved, in either Arabic or Ethiopic versions; the originals
seem to have been in Coptic. Two of these appear in the
well-known Fides Patrum *), a work compiled probably in 11) The Arabic version is found in the Vatican (Arabic Cod. 101 ff. 11
and 12), in Florence (Medic. Falat. Library C.LXIX) and in the Viet.
Emanuel Lib. at Rome. The Ethiopic text is preserved in the Brit. Mas.
Ethiopic Cod. 14 Add. 16,219 f. 7—8, and in the Library of the TJniv*
of Tubingen.