Stephen bar Sudaili, the Syrian mystic, and the book of Hierotheos

Frothingham F. Stephen bar Sudaili, the Syrian mystic, and the book of Hierotheos. -1886

47 that he had dared to imagine such blasphemies, for I had
only met with his commentaries on a few of the Psalms,
in which he also glorifies himself and ascribes to himself
revelations and visions, and (says) that to him alone is it
given to understand the Scriptures correctly. In them he
also calls the Scriptures dreams, and his commentaries the
interpretation of dreams. Afterwards he craftily devised to send his books to you
and to write to you, in order to deceive the simple people
there (at Jerusalem); for I have heard that he says to them,
that even in Edessa is his heresy received, and is furthermore
much praised by us, — until some of the monks there hap¬
pened upon the letter which I had written, of which I now
send you a copy, and found that (on the contrary) he was
strongly censured by me. When therefore you shall have
received these letters of mine, that which you know to be
just write unto him, and reprove him, and that not feebly
but forcibly. 1 myself would write to the bishop of. Jeru¬
salem ') respecting him, were it not for differences concern¬
ing the faith, and that the fact of our not being of the same
communion is a middle wall (of partition) between us *).
For this man has sinned not a little, and the offences which
he has committed are not small; for he says that dogs, pigs,
serpents, scorpions, mice, and other reptiles of the earth, are
consubstantial with God: that is will become so. He also strives
to persuade others to believe likewise, and says thus: //As
the Father and the Son and the Spirit are of one nature,
and as the body of the Word is consubstantial with his
divinity”, through ignorance he also blasphemes concerning
this part (of Church doctrine), adding, //all creation also will 11) Elias, Patriarch of Jerusalem* 2) Ephesians II, 14*