Stephen bar Sudaili, the Syrian mystic, and the book of Hierotheos

Frothingham F. Stephen bar Sudaili, the Syrian mystic, and the book of Hierotheos. -1886

15 stave, nor scrip; and salute no man by the way” '). The
way is fearful, for its pathways are full of snares. Pass on! leave
the world and be not taken up with its affairs. The Lord
says: „Take therefore no thought for the morrow; sufficient
unto the day is the evil thereof” *). Remember Lot’s wife *)
and hasten your course lest the world ensnare you with its
evils. If beauty comes to thee, despise it: if thou findest
riches, tread them under foot: cast possessions behind thee:
look not after power: let thy country, thy house and thy family
be strangers to thee. The Garden is open and awaits thee:
advance in haste to the beautiful bride-chamber. Lay not up
unto thyself a treasure upon earth1 2 3 4), for the earth is destined
to destruction. Thou art called to heaven; give not thyself
over to earthly things: paradise awaits thee; what willst
thou among thorns? God begot thee of water and spirit, and
brought thee up by the blood of His Son, and called thee
to be His heir. Let thy nature move thee to love the Father
who numbered thee among His sons. Oh! work like a la¬
borer, and receive as thy wages the kingdom of Heaven.
Oh! fear as a servant, and flee from the fire which threat¬
ens sinners. Minister unto the Father with a child’s love.
Do good, that thou mayest inherit the Kingdom: hate evil,
that thou mayest be delivered from the fire. For on the
fiery passage alms become a bridge to the givers of them,
and he who has divided his possessions among the poor
easily passes the gulf that is placed between the two sides. 1) Matthew X, 9: Luke X, 4: note transpositions and omissions. 2) From Matthew VI, 34. 3) Luke XVII, 32. 4) Matt. VI, 19.