Stephen bar Sudaili, the Syrian mystic, and the book of Hierotheos

Frothingham F. Stephen bar Sudaili, the Syrian mystic, and the book of Hierotheos. -1886

Then the mind, which is now Christ, communicates unto
the angelic hosts, in the holy of holies, the spiritual Eu¬
charist , of which the terrestrial is but the type and faint
shadow. After this it rises again unto the place where there
is no longer vision, to be united unto the tree of life, unto
the Universal Essence. BOOK FOURTH. The Universal Essence has been previously defined, but
only partially; in its essence, not in its operations. It is
contemplated by the mind in mystery and silence, and the
latter receives from it complete love and union. It also im¬
parts unto the mind three mysterious and unspeakable
doctrines: that of the distinction of minds; that of the coming of the mind into the body; and what becomes of the nature of all things. In all this is the mind instructed by the High-Priest of
the Universal Essence, who lays upon it the solemn injunc¬
tion of silence. Leaving him, the mind continues its ascent
accompanied by all the essences perfected and sanctified by
it. For all minds which are perfected must pass through all
the stations and receive all the forms which are below the
Good, and through which they had fallen. The mind has
now reached Paradise, where Adam, by the first distinction
suffered the fall, and it is shown by the watch the way
to the Tree of Life, unto which it desires to unite itself,
for this would be the consummation of visions and the per¬
fection of mysteries. But now the Adversary, Satan, knowing